Monday, 22 May 2017

You complete me♕

Future , I'm just writing this to you and only for you

i'll say this to you as long as i can , cause to me you are too special
forgive me for all my mistake i've done , '

you are my only one i've , start from the first we meet untill now ,
how ? because with you i can be myself , i can be me .

Maybe before this i'm never think about your feel , think that how's hurt you get from me .
Not just for first time but so many  ,
but you still wanna to stay even i know you're not strong enough .

I know Sometimes you feel like you wanna let me go , ' but at the same times i'm still wanna keep stay with you cause i can't without you and you just keep going as i want . Since your heart was beat when you see me , I'm so glad that .

you make me know, how's wanna to stop and get out from the shit world i've create . You bring me out and always try hard to change me better .

I'm appriciate that , really .

I'm still remember how's we are together countings star at midnight . Singing together , cry and laugh together .
How you takecare of me from the far .

Baby , i'm just realize for the truth is i need you for the most and untill the end not just me but our baby .

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